Saturday, March 21, 2009

A New Chapter

& that being said,
it is certainly also a time to reflect on
how i have grown significantly.

it amazes me how much different
my new year has been in 2009
from 2008

this year started off with a break up
with the love of my life of two years.
at first i was incredibly depressed,
felt shocked and betrayed.
once getting over those initial feelings
i could then see the positive side of breaking up.

as much as i tried to deny it,
tim wasn't my type or "the one".
yes, parts of the relationship were magical,
and i don't regret a single minute.

but i have realized how much of my fire was put out by being with tim
and i became excited to get it back.

going into the future blinded excites me.

it has been several months since the break up now,
and i feel i have been getting my fire back
little by little as i go along.
it seems to keep getting easier & better.

oh & by the way, did i say i am a freshman in college?
why yes, i attend humboldt state university
and it has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.
i am incredibly in love with the area & my school
and i feel i have truly been gaining more and more knowledge everyday.

after months of trying to decide on a major,
i finally decided on journalism, specializing in photojournalism.
i feel i have a nact for writing and photography
and i incredibly enjoy doing both!
i feel this major will also enable me to travel all around the world
like i have always wanted to,
and the photo aspect of it will just make my life one big
collection and documentary of all my travels/life/& experiences.

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